School is great for many. But not all. Some have learning, medical, or behavioral needs that are a challenge to individualize in a school setting. The level of energy to communicate and collaborate with schools is often not a good return on investment. I always say we all have a given bandwidth, and how we expend that energy is up to us. 

There are ways to learn in the Community and or at Home, with or without disabilities. There are incredibly creative people, who have created Co-ops to meet together. There are enrichment activities, fee for services specialty classes, PE classes at the YMCA, and great learning resources at the library and local cultural centers.

If you have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability (includes Autism), there are medicaid waivers to assist with both medical needs and supports to live and participate in the home/community. These can sometimes fund support staff to accompany individuals on outings and to programs. Look for information under tab labeled COLO MEDICAID. 

Under this tab, ALTERNATIVE LEARNING, choose Program Resources Metro Denver to see great local options for learning in the Community and or at home. Know of one I don't have listed? Contact me to add items to the list so we can share! 

Learning and growing  happens all the time, everywhere! There are many routes and timetables to get to the right destination of a person's life and schedule. Be kind to your self and open your mindset to being a creative, out-of-the-box thinker.