Participating, learning and belonging in the Community! 

Below was updated May 2018 Check out the additional drop downs for specific communities within Homeschooling/Unschooling umbrella.

1.      Sports/ PE type Offerings Look around, many have scholarships as well. 

YMCA- “Swim and Gym Homeschool PE” INEXPENSIVE 2 hours- one in gym and one in pool, same kids tend to attend, at Schlessman on Tuesdays and YMCA Littleton (S Broadway) $20 a session fee ($6 a class) or pay per class date ($10). Contact Call 720 524 2778 or email Clair Eades at

 YMCA Autism Respite They pair a staff person 1:1 with kid for a 3 hour respite. Littleton and Denver locations, select dates. 

Denver Colorado and Yale Schlessman Branch $50 a session. Financial assistance available Contact Call 720 524 2778 or email Claire Eades at

Denver Autism respite $50 some Saturdays, call for details.

Homeschool PE Gymnastics/Parkour Many classes, Homeschool Thur 12:30-2pm  Ages: 5 years and older  90 Minutes Price: Each class is $16

Gymnastics @Bounce @Stanley, Lowry area, 2501 Dallas Street Unit #118, Aurora, CO 80010 720-460-0267 Homeschool PE  This class will educate students on the importance of nutrition and physical activity in their daily life.  We believe in introducing students to a variety of activities to help them find something they love to do.  We want to develop a passion that inspires our students to become lifelong movers.  This class will be filled with fun games and activities that develop each student's fitness level.  Students will increase their cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and improve their strength. The curriculum is standard based focusing on the National Physical Education Standards.  Our staff is trained and experienced professionals that will help your child safely reach their true potential while setting goals along the way.  Billing Process: All classes will be billed the first of the month.  Participants will be charged the number of classes that they have in that particular month.  There are no contracts or annual fees.

Indoor Year round Skiing (artificial surface)

Littleton, in Southglenn Mall Arapahoe Rd and University Blvd. 30 min lessons $25-50 depending on packages purchased and private versus group, all equipment included. Also some camp offerings.Over 90% of the ski and snowboard population lives in urban and suburban areas where mountain access is not readily available. Even in gateway cities like Denver or San Francisco, day-trip ski resort access is becoming increasingly difficult. SNÖBAHN allows an individual to partake in these sports close to home with little to no planning. While we will never replace the natural environment of an on-mountain experience and the beauty that comes with it, we will provide efficiency which will give people the ability to learn, develop and train in a way that does not require committing the better part of a day to travel and chairlifts. Similar to how the driving range serves as an alternative to playing a full round of golf, SNÖBAHN will serve as an alternative to spending the time required to access resort snow.

2.  Crafts- Trades- Electronics/ Coding/ Welding/ Woodworking/ Music- Audio engineering/  Automotive Mechanics/ Fiber Arts/Sewing  

TACT Teaching Autism Community Trades

Denver Residents with Disabilities may qualify to attend FREE- They have Denver Resident Mill Levy funding for Denver residents with Intellectual Developmental disability

T.A.C.T is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides trade and technical skills to children, young adults and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Early vocational training helps young adults before they leave high school and sets them up for long term success. Our programs are designed to empower individuals and develop interests and skills for life. TACT is located in the heart of Denver's River North (RiNo) Arts District. Our workspace is inside a portion of the warehouse at 2900 Brighton Blvd. When visiting TACT for a class, you will arrive at a gated lot across from Industry at the corner of Brighton and 29th. Please call us when you arrive at (303) 295-0163 and we will let you in!

Craftsman and Apprentice  1325 E 22nd Ave, Denver, CO 80205 720-515-8611The C&a is a heritage inspired craft workshop & retail space in Denver's City Park West. We believe in community & craft. We've always loved making things things with our hands & spending time with good people. We also know that learning happens best when we build relationships in beautiful & functional spaces. At The C&a we offer hand made, well made & vintage goods, work space design, workshops, camps, & events for all ages.  RETAIL HOURS: 10-5pm Tuesday-Saturday

They have a homeschool class Wed and Thur 10-2pm, a month session is $250 first child or $62.50 class. They have other clubs and classes, summer camps. Also Adult/Child workshops!

Stanley Mindcraft maker space
MindCraft   AT Stanley Marketplace2501 Dallas St., Ste. 228 Aurora, Colorado, 80010Phone: (303) 364-9581  email Open Tinker Lab time, classes/workshops, afterschool classes School days off Prices vary- average $25 Sewing and adult classes too  See extensive Calendar

3. Art/Creative Spaces in libraries, rec centers, and more!

Free Maker Space at Castlewood  Public Library near I25 and Arapahoe Road. They have  a permanent free MakerSpace with 3D printer. All free. Drop in hours or sign up for free programs . They can set up group visits too! 6739 S Uinta St, Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 542-7279  Check Website for current hours.

 ArtSpark /

5650 S. Curtice St. Littleton, CO 8012 303-795-7897   Ages 1-adult Sewing, art and more! Some during daytime also school day off, school break camps. Ask for first class special rate. Also check groupon for deals.  artSPARK is a creative studio and unique art making space for ages 1-adult to explore ideas and processes. We offer classes, camps, parties, and workshops in the heart of Historic Dowtown Littleton, CO. It also has elements of a Reggio environment with its process-based approach and focus on each student as a unique individual. We emphasize CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION, IDEAS, PROCESS, PLAY, CHOICES, INNOVATION AND SELF-EXPRESSION.  We encourage practicing 21st century skills like CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, RISK TAKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING--all vital to boosting self-esteem and future success in life. 

 ArtGarage Park Hill Denver area 6100 E. 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207.  303-377-2353 Kids, Adults and Tween/Teen classes.   "The Art Garage is a place where adults of all ages, teens, children, including toddlers of all backgrounds and economic levels can meet and do art together guided by skilled teachers of art, most of whom live and work in East Denver area.  This type of community gathering place has been a rarity in East Denver."  

ArtGarage Homeschool Club, also  Many school day off programs $45 for a 2 hour class, see schedule at website  Our mission is to provide a variety of visual art classes and art-based community activities. We are a non-profit organization who provides a neighborhood community center that brings people together through the Arts. We support cultural, social and educational diversity. Our class sizes are small typically from 4-15 students   the teacher to work individually with each student. Our maximum class size is 20.

Little Red Hen in Belmar area, Lakewood Little Red Hen Art Studio7349 W. Alaska St. Lakewood, CO 80226720-598-CRE8 (2738)  Afterschool, days off school and school break camps

4. Rec Centers A great place in most communities! 

Local Rec Centers have good facilities and offer Art, Nature, Clay Studios, and more- many have homeschool offerings. Also can sign up for regular sports teams, afterschool or weekend peer group age range. Don’t limit to your area- most allow non residents to attend, may cost a few dollars more. Highlands ranch only for residents. Many have great school break “camps” during the day as well. As public facilities, they need to accommodate disabilities and accommodations (like a support person attending).

Indoor facilities Buck Rec center in Old Littleton has a great lazy river pool, outdoor hot tube and zero entry leisure pool. It is open almost all the time (I always call before we leave to check)! Also can access facilities- weight rooms, creativity art zones, Gymnastic open play sessions, etc.

Goodson Rec in Littleton has an awesome gymnastics facility, regular classes and some open gymnastic space/play times.

APEX rec center in Arvada is a huge water park and water slide

Summer has many outdoor water parks- Pirates Cove in Englewood, Splash in Golden, The Bay in Broomfield,

SouthSuburban Rec District does homeschool science days and school days off/ school break camps at Carson Nature Center Littleton

Sheridan Rec Center (South of Denver and West of Littleton/Englewood) has Homeschool art Wed and Fri 9:45-11:45am About $11 a class includes materials. Classes are geared to individual abilities, grades K-8. CHECK WEBSITE TO CONFIRM TIMES

This class will be designed to meet the needs of the homeschool community by offering an in depth art class that addresses art standards.  There will be a balance of open ended artistic exploration and working through the creative process to have finished artwork at the end of each session.  We will explore a variety of media while learning techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, ceramics and printmaking.  We will also incorporate art history and art appreciation into the classes to develop skills of observation and discussion about art.  Students will have the opportunity to work together while learning and experimenting with new art  skills.  Art will be used to make connections to other subjects in an integrative approach to curriculum.  Overall, the class will be designed to have fun while learning new art techniques and deepening artistic knowledge.


5. Public Facilities Explore and learn! 

Libraries FREE  Many have book clubs, lego clubs, science clubs  etc If you can get a group and ask for program, they might accommodate. Some have literacy and education grants and ask for the children’s  librarian contact at desk. You don’t have to live in that area to attend, and can even get a library card for any library district if you are a Colorado resident.

Many Libraries have free  “cultural passes” to book in advance for free admission local cultural spots like cultural destinations,  museums. Ask!

PROGRAMS at libraries FREE  One time events, history, authors, book clubs, and hobbies!

Museums often have programs, etc

*Colorado History Museum

*Denver Art Museum

*Clifford Still Museum (always FREE under 18)

*Littleton Museum (FREE)

*Firefighter Museum downtown Denver

Civic Education

*City and County Buildings, attend meetings and hearings

*Tour the State Capitol

*Mint tours downtown FREE

*Call your elected officials to set up a meeting or visit

6. Public School Based after school enrichment programs “fee for services” Most will allow non-enrolled students to attend these, for fee based private offerings. As an ADA disability accommodation, support staff can attend with student. 

Pay for the private after school classes or school days off (often franchises host science matters, robot clubs, cooking classes or Lego clubs) they will allow non-enrolled kids to sign up and most let support staff (parent, nurse, CNA, behaviorist, OT, PT, Speech Therapist)  attend with student. Look on your local area school websites for after school enrichment or call the main office.  This  can be good way to meet peers locally or attend with a fellow homeschooler.


a. Info from Colorado Dept of Education

Includes laws, requirements and resources

b. Charter School Enrichment Programs (non academic) Free but they get state billing for student attendance Register before 10/1 of the academic year.

Two roads charter school   

Homeschool connection charter

c.  Online schools Free Public Have to register and they bill the state for your attendance

*K12  Enter your zip code and see free online options

*Connections Academy

Many Colorado students now have the opportunity to thrive at Colorado Connections Academy, a network of tuition-free public online schools for grades K–12. Colorado Connections Academy gives students who need an alternative to the traditional classroom the flexibility to learn from home and enjoy a well-rounded student experience,

*Options school through Cherry Creek schools

The Options Program is designed to support parents who choose to school their children at home. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing their efforts.

d. Umbrella Schools You pay a fee (around $325 a  year)  and are a “private academy” student and not subject to testing requirements. Also west river has good High school diploma Graduation Program. 

8.  Other programs

a. Self Directed learning - Creative Bridges- self directed learning center Evergreen, CO about $50 a day (9-3pm) 

Nestled at the base of Alderfer/Three Sisters 800 Acre Park, Creative Bridges, is a learning membership program designed for school aged children who wish to pursue lifelong learning in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere.  We provide kids with the tools to take learning into their own hands with adults that help them discover, appreciate and develop their own rhythms. 

b. Outdoor programs (“forest or nature schools”)

World Mind Nature School

Boulder, Denver, Morrison, and Littleton. Worldmind Nature Immersion School provides a framework for engagement with nature so that our community’s children may thrive in a developmentally appropriate and experiential environment that honors the inner wisdom of childhood. We provide the foundation for intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth while nurturing creativity. We encourage a child led exploration of the natural world through ecological awareness in order to create a sustainable foundation for life. Great summer programs as well. 

 The Nursery School Preschool only

The Nursery School will hold classes at Bluff Lake Nature Center near the Stapleton area of Denver, Colorado. The Nursery School is a Denver-based preschool that follows the Forest Kindergarten model found throughout Europe.  With an anticipated opening for the 2016-2017 school year, this part-day program for children ages 3 through 5 years old will hold two sessions daily, Monday through Friday. Parents may choose between the morning session from 8:30 - 11:30 am or the afternoon session from 12:30 - 3:30 pm.  Classes will be held at Bluff Lake Nature Center

Unlike a traditional preschool, The Nursery School operates almost exclusively outdoors, year round. Except during severe weather, children will engage and learn in and from the natural environment. Staff are on hand to assist children and facilitate learning, but children will guide their own experiences and learning based on their  particular interests.  The Nursery School focuses on pre-academic skill development, such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and building social and emotional competence. Acquiring these skills is shown to be critical in determining school readiness and success.

9. Academics and Enrichment  

a. Lowry EXL learning Tutoring/Academic coaching/Enrichment classes 2nd and Quebec,  location enrichment (same company as MindCraft @  Stanley) Tutoring, Homeschool support, academic coaching and Learning enrichment classes.    The Lowry Town Center 200 Quebec St. Bldg. 600, Ste. 205 Denver, Colorado, 80230 (303) 364-9581   See calendar Also school day off, camps and dyslexia camps.

 b. Often therapists can work on some skills that contribute to academic skills

*Speech therapists can help with pragmatics of speech, grammar, writing product and language development. Don't forget, you can can meet at library, college campus or coffee shop. 

*Occupational therapists can work on typing and accessing information online. Don't forget, you can meet at library, college campus or coffee shop. 

* Physical therapists can help with exercise regimes, walking, bike riding and swimming. Many are open to meeting in community at the park, rec center, or open space. Those who do home health type billing rather than clinic schedules are better fits for this purpose.

*Behavior therapists (BCBA or RBT or other behavioral supports) like to generalize skills, meaning use them in different settings with different people. Under Colorado Medicaid EPSDT they can dual bill with other providers such as Speech, OT, PT or go to medical appointments based on medical necessity to benefit from therapy.  This is now available under the state plan MEDICAID (no longer have to be on a waiver). It can fund hours based on individual medical necessity (some up to 40 hours a week).

*For disabled individuals who have jobs, paid or volunteer, often having a therapist meet to consult with job coaches or volunteer coordinators can be very helpful. They cannot do the job coaching but can assist with creating visual supports or other items based on disability status.

9. Facebook Groups or Meeet-ups, connecting with others in your area.


Search Facebook by name for these Denver area groups:

South metro Denver Homeschool/unschoolers

Denver Inclusive Homeschoolers

Denver Area Unschoolers

Jeffco Homeschoolers ~ Colorado

Outdoor Kids of Denver and Jefferson County

Washington Park Homeschoolers