Many Bills in State Legislature, How to testify in Committee

By Maureen Welch, Volunteer Activist and Registered Volunteer Lobbyist
Read bills, look up you legislators and their bills, or tune in remotely to view committee meetings live streamed or archived! 

Find your own legislator here
Ask to get on their email list, or follow them on social media to find out when they are doing townhalls/coffee meeting in your local area. Contact them about any bill that is important to you.

Get involved, come spend a day meeting people and attending meetings prior to the day of the committee meeting.

Path of a Bill:
The bill is read and heard in committee(s) in both chambers, and passed by both full bodies of each chamber, then sent to Governor for signature.

NEXT EDITION: Bills of Interest and their committee calendar!

The session is heating up, bills are stacking up to be heard in committee.
The session will wrap up in early May 2019! 

Tips and Details

  • Remember that you only have 3 minutes generally. 

  • Fewer words,  spoken slowly with some cadence to your voice are most effective.

  • Stick to your points.

  • You can always type up and print out copies to distribute (5 for senate committees, 11 for house committees, if it is a joint committee, check online how many to bring). 

  • It is not uncommon to have committee members on computers or phones, the more compelling your story, the better.

  • Members often step out of the room, to talk to someone or present their own bill to another committee.

  • Clearer, simpler words with cadence when read are helpful.

  • The goal is to take a position of support or opposition and be memorable to the committee members.

  • If you want to share more extensive ‘backstory’ you can write something up separate from testimony, print out but know the longer it is, the less likely they will read it.

  • Parking: I usually can find a meter on Lincoln, between 12th and 14th Ave, up to 2 hrs.

  • Security There are metal detectors as you enter.

  • Disability Access to capitol is best on south side 14th Ave between Lincoln and Grant Streets, it is an accessible entrance.

  • Meter Parking for People with Disabilities (from Denver City Co Website)

  • A person with a mobility disability using a valid disability placard or plate issued to them may park at Denver City meters for the time period authorized by the parking meter or for four (4) consecutive hours, whichever is greater, without paying during the time parking is allowed. At the end of the authorized time period, the vehicle must be moved at least 100 feet from the parking metered space.

  • NEXT EDITION: Bills of Interest and their committee calendar!

Build Your Testimony Worksheet 
(copy and paste into word doc)



Phone #



Bill number and title and SUPPORT or AGAINST


1. ”Mr. or Madam Chair, members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify to you today. 


2. My name is __________________  I live in ___________(city or county)  and I support OR  oppose this bill. 


3. About me and family, connect to the bill (Short-one or two sentences)


4. I am here today to support OR oppose this bill.


5. I support (or oppose) this bill because of these points


Points (only one sentence each )






4. Thank you Madame/Mr. Chair and Committee members for allowing my testimony today. 


5. In conclusion, I urge you to vote yes OR no on this bill.
I am happy to answer any questions the committee may have.