APS VIDEO Edition, & Millions of Colorado Targeted Case Management mis-billed.

By Maureen Welch, Volunteer Activist, self funded newsletter, past editions are archived at www.changecoidd.com

Hot Off Press: Feds find millions $ of issues with Colorado Medicaid: 

1. Managed Care has poor safeguards, state's $10B annual program.

"Colorado officials vowed to improve oversight of the managed-care portion of the state’s $10 billion Medicaid program after a federal audit found poor safeguards against waste, fraud and abuse."


2Colorado Claimed Millions in  Unallowable Medicaid Payments for Targeted Case Management Services

"The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (State agency) claimed Federal Medicaid reimbursement for some Targeted Case Management (TCM) services that did not comply with Federal and State requirements for fiscal years (FYs) 2014 and 2015."

"We recommended that the State agency refund approximately $2.2 million to the Federal Government for unallowable TCM claims". 

Colorado Department of inHumane Services- Adult Protective Services Registry, a plethora of concern and civil right violations


By Maureen Welch, Volunteer Activist, self funded newsletter, archived at www.changecoidd.com

Many many thanks to videographer extraordinaire, David Owen. Davideowen01@gmail.com , https://deowenandassociates.com 

     House Bill 17-1284 created a registry for Adult Protective Services. The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) has authority to "propulgate" (write) rules to implement the bill. This process involves several stops at various committees. And after stakeholder concern, they held three evening sessions at CDHS. 

    We have some video short highlights below, from the many hours of meetings. Get out the popcorn! 

     Also more are on the youtube channel, "APS Debacle" . Bookmark it, subscribe, and  look under playlists for video queue, organized by date. 

    May 4 meeting details- rule packet 3 to be introduced, with a Board vote at the June meeting. 

1:32 clip- Memory issues? This video says it all. Peggy Rogers, Manager of Adult Protective Services at Colorado Department of Human Services, admitted on tape April 5, 2018 there are "MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS" of confidentiality in their units and would "ADDRESS AT NEXT QUARTERLY MEETING". Yet the following day, she shakes her head no!

2 minute clip- Emergency room visits are "red flags" that are listed as reason to investigate someone, and is "watched for" by APS.  Yet many are sent to Emergency rooms by their regular doctors with standing orders for chronic conditions. It is inappropriate to train APS employees that visits are reasons to investigate. Doctors are mandatory reporters and already report suspicions to authorities.

2:59 Clip- Preponderance of Evidence is a low threshold, former State Senator Rob Hernandez during his public comment, is abruptly interrupted, out of order, by Assistant Attorney General Ted McCombs without the Chair's acknowledgement.

Jim Tatten, who lives with a Brain Injury, also testified on 4/6/18. Strong 2 minute commentary on issues at State Capitol with "Preponderance of Evidence":

 Concerns regarding allegations My concerns results from the discussions on floor of senate earlier this week, and some allegations. I don’t want this board to use these rules to fall into a legal, PR hole that the legislature has fallen into…. 

I saw a public stoning of the floor of the State senate I heard stories from an individual and his family being harmed… 

We have a shared goal, to protect… what I don’t want is for a system to be in place that falls apart as the process is moving forward, like we saw in the House and Senate.”