Fraud exposed in Colorado's first ever State Legislative Audit of all 20 CCBs!

By Maureen Welch, Volunteer Community Activist 

Released on December 1, 2018 in Legislative Audit Committee.  

State Auditor staff  stated:
If HCPF had limited the unit billing to just the hours a Case manager worked, 
the state would have saved $1M in just one year. CCBs have responsibility in this area too, they are medicaid providers and should not bill for hours beyond what case managers work. 
Senator Fields: "I am looking for leadership, I am looking for  someone to look at this and be able to determine how we can be most cost effective with our tax dollars... I am getting frustrated hearing all these problems as being identified and no one is really one is taking initiative to address before an audit takes place… Not new science… Someone  has chosen to ignore it

Front Page article by Christopher Osher 

Tuesday December 4, 2018 Front Page Audit Denver Post Article link click here 


“Maureen Welch, an advocate for the developmentally and intellectually disabled... People are silenced into fear, because if you speak out, you risk your services and how you are treated," said Welch, whose son has Down syndrome and is unable to speak. “


“Auditors found 202 instances in which CCB milling for case management services to the state totaling more than 24 hours or more in a single day, which auditors determined was not only unfeasible but unreasonable.”


“The auditors found more than $790,000. billed by CCBS to the state that did not follow federal and state requirements.”

 Call it what it is: FRAUD.

What can you do?

  • Call and report it to the Federal Office of Inspector General at 800 447-8477 . 

  • A report can be made anonymously or you can share information for follow up.

  • Press choices for medicaid fraud and then choose to talk to a representative.

  • Cite the Office of State Auditors report outlining the findings of fraud

  • This is a misuse of public funds.

  • The Colorado State Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing has FAILED to exercise oversight of these funds.

  • Funds need to be refunded by CCBs to State and Federal government.

  • We need further investigations and prosecution.