November 2018 NewsFlash By Maureen Welch, Volunteer Activist

First Ever Statewide Colorado Audit of the 20 Community Centered Boards to be released on December 3, 2018

SB16-038, Regarding the Transparency of Community Centered Boards included a state compliance audit. Now, three years later, Office of State Auditor report will release it on December 3! The Colorado Legislative Audit Committee Hearing for the CCB audit is scheduled for December 3, 2018 from 10 am to 12:00 pm and then again from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. The 20 CCBs and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing will be at the hearing to respond to our recommendations. While the hearing is open to the public, there is no time for public comment. We are still working on where the hearing will be held. It will also be live streamed. It will be posted on our website soon. 

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Yes, there is a state-wide  issue of services and facilities for our difficult at-risk adults (which by definition, in current statute, includes ALL adult persons with Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled). However, this proposed Office of Public Guardianship is a solution looking for a different problem. The hospitals don't want it enough to donate to this proposed pilot program. I have been attending these "Longest monopoly game" meetings for almost a year.

Story includes quotes with Maureen Welch who feels strongly that this Office would have harmful unintended consequences as the current Guardianship Statute has no safeguards or checks and balances on guardians. Those need to be addressed first in Statute prior to funding an entire office using those statutes. 

 Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

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Colorado Legislative Audit Committee has placed Colorado Adult Protective Services (both State and local County Units) in the queue for an Office of State Auditor Performance Audit.

This audit was ordered after an unprecedented level of constituent complaints about Adult Protective Services' unchecked power, ability to get emergency guardianship of persons in two days without the person even appearing in court.  How statute allows these units to operate without transparency with suppressed court documents.

The unlawful kidnapping of at-risk adults  (which by definition in  statute includes all people with Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled) with no formal testing of capacity must end. Stripping people of all their rights with no due process is not acceptable. It is right and good that our legislature is responding.
Remember that contacting your legislator is powerful: you can find yours at

Denver Auditor Office will do a follow up audit of Rocky Mountain Human Services, Denver's CCB in first quarter of 2019.

  • The needs survey that Denver Human Services contracted to a private consultant revealed a great lack of knowledge of the local mill levy funding for Denver County Residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (projected to be $17.5 Million collected from property taxes in 2018). 

  • Constituents continue to express difficulty in accessing funds and new restrictions on uses imposed unilaterally from RMHS without any input from the Community Advisory Council at RMHS.

  • Denver City Council members have heard concerns and are interested in results of Auditor Tim O'Brien's audit report.

  • Historical Denver Post article regarding the original 2015 scandalous audit here 

Charges of Discrimination under Public Accommodations continue to grow with Community Centered Boards and several Executive Branches of State Government 

The Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) is a effective tool to push for compliance with the Colorado Anti Discrimination Act (CADA).

Protections under CADA include Public Accommodations requiring full and equal enjoyment and participation for all. Their jurisdiction also covers Housing and Employment. The number of cases grow by the week. Explore by attending their free trainings. Attorneys are not required, state staff will assist with filing charges.

More CCRD details on my Blog Post of newsletter dated July 4, 2018. Find at where all these newsletters are archived under BLOG. 

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