State Board of Colorado Dept of Human Services 2/2

State Board of Colorado Dept of Human Services meets on Friday Feb 2nd, 10am at the Larimer County Courthouse Offices, 200 W. Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524. 
*This board is the Rule Making body for Colorado's Department of Human Services (CDHS). *They update rules in the executive branch to come into alignment with changes to state Statute from the Legislative branch. They are only over civil issues. The judicial branch is over criminal charges/cases.

*Statewide concerns about unchecked power of local County APS units.
*State APS helps fund the local APS units, and provides supervision and oversight.
*However local APS staff are employed by the county. 
*Reports from across the state indicate a wide local variance of operations and interpretations. Having 64 different counties doing it 64 different ways is not fair or equitable. The State rules, regs and statutes should be applied in a fair and even handed manner across our State. 
*Many question the function of State CDHS oversight and supervision. 
*Open public comment is available, in person only,  for each agenda item 

*The Public can listen remotely, via Go To Meeting.  The audio is also archived.

*The board likes to limit comment to changes in rule.

*Here is info on state board website 
*Docs 3&4 for the Feb 2 meeting are the rules up for review regarding Adult Protection Agency (APS).

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*More information on APS and past newsletters with individual cases are archived under news,  at my website