Rules for APS are being promulgated, affecting at-risk adults, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Many in the community are being victimized by APS even in hospital rooms and the safety of their own homes. APS is using KGB tactics, showing up without just cause or warrants, gathering social security numbers and stripping people of their rights via emergency guardianship.

Many feel unable to go into the community for fear of overzealous mandatory reporting . It is time to leave the shadows and move past fear and give our input. Afraid of retribution? Can be done anonymously by listening on the phone, and texting me in real time at 720-436-4121, or emailing me your feedback on proposed rules. Make sure you read the rules, link below.

Why ? The purpose of this meeting on 1/25/18 is to seek feedback from community stakeholders on the proposed changes to Adult Protective Services (APS) Rules outlined in APS Rule Packet #1 which will go to the State Board of Human Services (CDHS) for final review on February 2nd and APS Rule Packet #2 which will go to the State Board of Human Services for first reading on February 2nd.

See links for documents of proposed rules and changes, at the bottom of this email.

What are rules? The legislature passed several bills over the last sessions that direct Colorado Department of Human Services the authority to add or change rules to come into alignment with the changed or new statute. The State Board of CHDS These rules drive department operations and procedures. If you prefer to share your feedback to me, and I can share anonymously, just reply to this newsletter to share with me. 

When? The meeting is on Thursday January 25, 5:30-7:00pm

How? Three ways to participate:

In person downtown Denver, call-in, or preregister for webinar.
In Person: Colorado Department of Human Services, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver
in the 8th Floor C-Stat Conference Room. The State board of CDHS is currently in the midst of "promulgating" (writing and approving rules) for APS using recent legislation and current statute as their guides. 

There is metered on-street parking and several pay-for-parking lots in the area. For those attending in person, they will need a photo ID to sign in at the security desk to receive a badge to enter the building.

Remote participation  For those that would like to attend via phone and/or webinar, the information to call in is 302-202-1110, passcode 171769. You can mute your phone and stay anonymous.

Register for Webinar and to register for the webinar the link is

Prepare for Meeting and to discuss rules being considered

Rule packets (17-16-26-01 and 17-16-26-02). Stakeholders that would like a hard copy are asked to print and bring to the meeting.(I will request some are printed for the meeting by CDHS  for those unable to print own copies.) There are three files total to examine:

Link  to review document #1 (Look for file: Doc1 IR #1 APS 17-6-26-01 Packet) from Dec 1, 2017 CHDS Board meeting .

Link to Rule packet #2 (look for file: Rule Packet #2 11.29.17 Pdf)  and third item:  DRAFT OM for Severity Levels 11.28 (look for file: DRAFT OM Severity Levels 11.28.pdf), the two APS documents from Dec 5, 2017 APS task group meeting both located at:    

If you wish to see the referenced legislation, they are available by searching by bill number at .
Access to current Colorado Revised Statute is at