Significant Structural Changes at HCPF

Significant restructuring at State Medicaid Agency, Healthcare Policy and Financing. It appears the Division of Developmental Intellectual Disabilities (DIDD) is no longer. HCPF Waivers are optional, current federal 50% match encourages States to participate. If the current DC Regime opts for state controlled Block grants, it is quite possible, if not probable, that medicaid waivers (EBD, SLS, DD, and CES amongst many others) will be significantly reduced if not eliminated. Many in our state legislature may not understand how this will impact constituents. Time to reach out to your elected officials and share your story of how HCPF medicaid waivers keep people lives rich, healthy and out of institutions. 

NOW  is time to get involved.  Find all your elected officials at the link



Hello Stakeholders,

The Office of Community Living (OCL) at the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) is restructuring to create a more integrated and cohesive operation so that we can more effectively, efficiently and responsively administer and develop the long-term services and supports benefits for the members and families that we serve. OCL officially began operating within HCPF in 2014 as a merger between HCPF’s Long-Term Services and Supports Division (LTSS) and the Department of Human Services Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) as guided by an Executive Order from Governor Hickenlooper. Over the last three years we have learned a lot about the populations served by all our programs, our contracted partners that help administer core components of the long-term services and supports and the stakeholders we engage with as we develop and administer services. And, we think now is a good time to leverage what we have learned and restructure ourselves internally to help support the critical innovation and systems redesign we are all so deeply committed to and to better support operational excellence in our work.

Part of the restructure will be the creation of new divisions in the office that will more cohesively organize our work. I am pleased to share that Jennifer Martinez and Bonnie Silva will continue to provide valuable leadership to the Office of Community Living as Division Directors. Today I am also pleased to announce two new Division Director positions have been created and are posted for hiring. Brief, operational descriptions of the four divisions are as follows:

1. One Division will focus on our work and oversight of entry point, assessment, and case management functions. This Division will be led by current Division for Intellectual and Developmental Disability Director Jennifer Martinez.


2. Another Division will carry out the work to administer our benefits, including the entire spectrum of services from home and community-based service waivers to skilled nursing homes. This position is vacant and the job posting can be found here: Link to Benefits & Services Management Division Director Posting

3. A third Division will serve the role of guiding policy, strategy, system redesign and internal performance, including communication with our stakeholders. This Division will be led by the current Long Term Services & Supports Division Director Bonnie Silva. In this position, Bonnie will also serve as the Deputy Office Director of the Office of Community Living.


4. The fourth Division will manage the operations and administration of our office, including contract and financial management and provider support. This position is vacant and the job posting can be found here: Link to Operations & Administration Division Director Posting


We believe this internal restructuring will further our ability to meet our goal to create a 21st century system for long-term supports and services where all members served by Medicaid:

· Are in a home of their choosing

· Have the supports they need to live in that home

· Participate in communities that value their contributions

· Are able to access services in a streamlined, simple, timely, easy process

· Have highest quality services

Please forward these positions announcements to anyone you think might be interested in joining our great team and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Gretchen M. Hammer

Medicaid Director – Health Programs Office and Office of Community Living Director

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

P 303.866.3058 I State Relay: 711 I C 720.483.5893