September 18, 2017 Update

The Joint Budget Committee has a public meeting this Wed Sept 20 6:30pm.

At 1:30 they will get an update from the state medicaid agency Health Care Policy and Financing on the CHP+ program and also update the COMMIT billing contract/performance. At 2:15 they will meet with Colorado Department of Human Services regarding the Grand Junction Regional Center. The meeting is live streamed on their website, and they are also recorded for archiving and listening online, on demand. Get involved- I have no choice as our family depends on these services.

Payment issues DXC

The payment issue with new IT contractor DXC is not getting better according to my sources. Agencies that serve Medicaid clients are reducing services, turning away new clients and some are closing or opting to serve paying customers.

This story ran earlier in month

Denver CCB Board Meeting

Community Centered Board Rocky Mountain Human Services has Board of Director Meeting this Wed 9/20 at 6:30pm. If needed they have an executive session at 5:30.

Public comment is at the start of meeting. Comments can be on any topic relating to CCB, not limited to agenday. Call in participation and comment is welcomed- General Conference Line:

1-888-387-8686. Participant Passcode: 2939136#. Link to Agenda

Are you a Douglas County Resident interested in transparency of IDD Funds? Apply to serve on IDD Mill Levy Advisory Council  by September 15, 2017.

Did you know that Douglas County has about 4.8 Million dollars a year collected to meet needs of Douglas county residents with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities  IDD)? It is a property tax and commonly called a Mill Levy.  Most goes to the county CCB Developmental Pathways. But they have a carve out of 5.5% or about $265,000. that the county manages to do grants to local entities. They have 3 openings on the Douglas County Mill Levy Council. The County appoints and oversees this council, not the CCB. This means the process  is all out in public eye. There is no middle man, or CCB to control and do internally. It is critical to have people serve on this Douglas County council who know about living with IDD personally. If so, you may be a candidate for one of three open seats on the Douglas County Developmental Disabilities Mill Levy Advisory Council, the annual review committee for grant applications from organizations seeking funds for local programs supporting residents with Developmental Disabilities. Your application is due by September 25.