JBC meets re Payment issues HCPF, Court arraignment, and more

6/20/17 The Colorado Joint Budget Committee (JBC) meets, includes provider payment HCPF item. Many providers of medicaid services have not been paid for all the services provided, for months. This is due to change from Xerox to HPE. The agenda includes the item of payment issues with HCPF medicaid providers listed for 10:45am-11:45 (chair has discretion to change agenda) Meetings are public, there is no comment period, it is rather a discussion between medicaid department HCPF and legislators about payment issues. https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/schedule1_69.pdf Location JBC Hearing Room, 3rd Floor Legislative Service Building 200 East 14th Avenue Denver, CO 80203 (303) 866-2061 http://leg.colorado.gov/agencies/joint-budget-committee
Can listen live audio or video here http://leg.colorado.gov/committee/granicus/929571

6/20/17 Arraignment of host home providers, 2016 Arvada fire- three deaths and one seriously injured. Arvada Fire on May 14 2016. Three people died- a young mother  and her 5 year old child (who happened to be visiting and the daughter/granddaughter of host home provider) and an adult client resident receiving supports died in the fire. Another adult client was seriously injured in the fire. Parker Personal Care was the residential agency and house was owned by an LLC that has Scott Parker as principal.  An arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal charging document in the presence of the defendant to inform the defendant of the charges against him or her. In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea.
Monday June 19  8am 100 Jefferson Court Parkway Golden 80401 Courtroom 4D Case #17CR604 Arrive early to go through security if you wish to come, public is at discretion of the judge and behavior of observers. 

Three deaths and one serious injury following  smoking by providers, and smoldering cigarette butts. Parker Personal Care was the employing residential agency.
Here is an article http://denver.cbslocal.com/2017/02/16/caregivers-charged-in-deadly-arvada-house-fire/

6/14/17 DA McCann creates new units at Denver DAs- for at risk adult cases. 

There are multiple reports of  use of Adult Protective Services (APS) for false accusations against providers. The well intended mandatory reporting appears to be used sometimes inappropriately, as a management tool, to punish some providers. It is important not to misuse the time and manpower of valuable police resources with erroneous reports. When the accusations are deemed unfounded, the harm is already done: innocent people and clients are being hurt and harmed by false allegations. APS often will not share the outcome or details, stating they are not required to do so. Their authority is very broad..

There has only been one known conviction of a person abusing/neglecting a person with IDD (Benz case in Boulder recently) and she did not serve a day in jail.  

"Beth McCann, Denver DA, announced on Wednesday that her office has created a new Elder Abuse Unit. Denver police also have created a new Special Victims Unit to specialize in protecting the same population." 
"Colorado enacted mandatory reporting laws for at-risk elders, who are over 70, in 2014, and followed that with similar requirements for crimes committed against adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities"


6/21/17 3:30om Rocky Mountain Human Services (CCB for Denver County) has their Community Advisory Council at 3:30,RMHS offices at  9900 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80231- it is open to public. Approximately 14.8 Millions of mill levy dollars are currently allocated from local Denver Property Tax dollars for Intellectual disabilities and unmet met needs, Come participate- Mill Levy funding and more info at https://www.rmhumanservices.org/mill-levy-program
Meeting Agenda for June 20th 3:30pm meeting at at https://www.rmhumanservices.org/sites/default/files/documents/20170620_ml_advisory_agenda.pdf

Do you know if and where your local property tax dollars go for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (most counties have an IDD mill levy)? This is why county commissioners (Board of County Commissioners) should retain local control of their local tax dollars. Most counties in Colorado have local IDD mill levy (property tax) that has been historically awarded with little question to the local CCB. With Conflict Free Case Management, as soon as the Summer of 2018 (per Colorado's medicaid agency, HCPF), there will likely be choice of Case Management Agencies (no longer the "one and only choice" of CCB). Also, many feel the counties should allocate the funds, not a private entity like a CCB. So, get involved at YOUR county level. Learn how it works, testify at your public comment time and keep me posted on what you learn. Denver City Council has opened their ordinance and code to open their $14.8 Million beyond the historical "all to the CCB" approach.

Lots on Calendar- Check it out- Other County Commission meetings for their local mill levy IDD tax money, CCB board meetings, Colorado Medicaid agency aka HCPF meetings, and more- check out under calendar at www.changecoidd.com and email me if you have events for me to add!