Spring, a Time of Change! 

1. SB17-1343 Conflict Free Case Management Sailed through both chambers in the legislature, at end of session!
*Gretchen Hammer, Director of Office of Community Living shared in House Committee that rules and regs will be promulgated and through the Medical Services Board in 12-18 months which will allow additional case management agencies to be certified to provide case management in Colorado. (This will allow more than one case management agency for increased choice, currently limited by state statute to just one of the 20 Community Centered Boards by catchment area).
*The definition of conflict-free case management (CFCM)  is included in the bill and reflects the policy that case management services are provided to a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities who is enrolled in home- and community-based services by an agency that is not also providing the same person services and supports unless a federal exemption is approved. More at:

2. Local Mill Levy- Denver is leading as model for broadening use of local mill levy tax payer dollars for unmet needs of residents with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Local Case Management will be different with more than one agency allowed. 
*Denver City Council on January 9, 2017 made ordinance change and codification for their Mill Levy (a property tax initiative) to enable more entities to apply for Mill Levy funds, to expand choice and prepare for Conflict Free Services coming down from State and Federal Level.
Changes include:
*Approximately $14.5 million/year of Denver mill funds are by code, possible to make open for wider proposals (beyond the CCBs). Denver’s CCB Rocky Mountain Human Services will have a new contract starting 1/1/2018, for services. Denver DHS is the agency over the mill levy management.
*Contracts for purchasing services and supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through any other entity or organization that provides such services. The Denver City Council SAFE Committee on 5/17/17 discussed a set aside of funding in the new contract, with a new RFP process for considering other proposals, not from CCBs
*Transfer of revenue to the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to request  matching federal funds to provide Medicaid- approved waiver services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This doubles the local mill levy tax, to enable more services. (Currently no county in Colorado is taking advantage of this federal match.)
January 9, 2017 Council meeting video link, Bill 1071 starts at  40 minute mark. http://bit.ly/2pHICpt

3. Denver Post article about January 9th 2017 Denver City Council Ordinance Hearing and Change with Mill Levy Accessibility http://dpo.st/2j0H7Mt
4. Medicaid Billing System IT Contractor still mired in problems Late March Denver Post Article http://dpo.st/2oYRXIh
If you or your providers  are still experiencing payment issues, drop an email to mpwelchco@gmail.com and get a list of steps to escalate your claim to the State Medicaid agency Healthcare Policy and Finance. They do not want to clients to lose providers, or providers to be impacted and need your proactive steps to expedite payment.
5. Denial of PAR
If you or your provider agencies are experiencing issues with denial of prior approval of services, please drop an email to mpwelchco@gmail.com for information on process depending on service. I am tracking these, especially Community Connector service in the CES waiver or any therapies (PT, OT, Speech) that are medically necessary for the client. There are people at the state to engage for a review and also rights for appeal.

6. Other news, calendar events to add or concerns? Email mpwelchco@gmail.com