But what can I do? Take the first step!

There are many ways and levels of involvement. 

1. Start by knowing what is available- and get to truth. Use the internet and read.

2. Attend a meeting- maybe at your local CCB, or County Commissioners to start local, most have a local mill levy property tax that is earmarked to support unmet needs of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, learn how to access those funds. Multitudes of meetings for State medicaid meetings are at https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/hcpf/committees-boards-and-collaboration

3. Look at this www.changecoidd.com website calendar for many ways to get involved. Sign up for the newsletter at the SUBSCRIBE tab on same website.

4. If you have benefits through your private insurance, medicaid and or a medicaid waiver, learn what is available.

5. Talk to other parents, they will assist with information and your learning curve.

6. Find the gratitudes and joys daily with your life, and write them down.