Issues with waiver services denials?

If you are experiencing issues with denials or challenges with any waiver services, here are action steps. Lately seems Community connector is an issue in the CES waiver.

Send a short email

Remember these folks get hundreds of emails so more facts and less narrative



1.       Address to your  case manager/resource coordinator, anyone at CCB you want to include, if you know  their supervisor, as well as Health Care Policy and Finance (HCPF) State officials,  who have ASKED you to notify them of issues.

                Brittani Trujillo, State Manager over case management

                Jennifer Martinez, Director of Division of Developmental Disabilities (DIDD)

2.       Your contact info- email and phone

3.       Waiver recipient full name

4.       Which waiver they are on

5.       Community center board, and case manager name

6.       Billing service/ Category (Community Connector, etc)

7.       Short summary of issue (dates, denial, any documentation you can attach to email)

8.       Desired action at state level

If you don’t hear back, follow up.