Payment Issues for Colorado Medicaid Providers

On March 1st, Colorado Medicaid billings changed from Xerox to Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE). This change has been fraught with issues, and most providers have been impacted financially, due to no payments, delayed or partial payments. Feel free to share this post with your providers or clients.  We are in this together and can help: we need short term solution to get provider paid and services restored AS WELL AS getting the HPE system fixed for long term. All medicaid billing is subject to this new HPE system from doctors, to respite providers, to day programs, residential agencies, therapies like speech, OT, PT, ABA and anyone billing for any medicaid services, including waiver services. 

The information below was targeted to providers of Division of Intellectual Developmental Disability (DIDD) PASA providers, but any agency or entity that bills medicaid could be impacted, especially smaller providers. Feel free to share this information, the goal is to help maintain providers and prevent them from dropping medicaid clients or closing their practices entirely. PLEASE SHARE.

Direct Service Agencies have shared that they are still due a lot of money and may be stretched to the limit. If you are needing payment and are suffering, the state has the money, and can get you paid. 
The lesson from all your stories is that PASAs who voice their need are the ones getting paid. Please share back your experience, to help others.

  • Many direct service agencies whose denials are challenging to resolve are requesting a “warrant” for services provided, (basically a check manually cut).  
  • Others have had success getting their error codes/billing issues resolved so their HPE claims are successfully processed.
  • Some suggest reaching out via a short email that is concise to targeted recipients.
  • Others have contacted HCPF or their legislators and even shown up person at the Capitol or HCPF to wait until their issue was resolved.
  • If one chooses to email, include your agency name, phone number and all addresses (especially if more than one location).
    Include a total balance of outstanding billable services.

To make this email easier,  the emails are listed below, to cut and paste (also add your state legislators from areas you serve, all emails are on the state legislature website).

Included emails below:
State Medicaid Agency Healthcare Policy and Financ
e- Sue Birch (HCPF), Jed Ziegenhagen (HCPF), Joanne Svenningsen (HCPF),

DIDD Specific - Jen Martinez (Director DIDD at HCPF), and Barb Ramsey (Director of Office of Community Living over DIDD at HCPF)
Also the 6 members of the Joint Budget committee- Senator Lambert (chair), Rep Hamner (co-chair), Senator Moreno, Rep Young, Rep Rankin, Senator Lundberg.
And Jennifer Brown, journalist covering this at the Denver Post. 
And Micki Hackenburger, Axiom lobbyist for Hewlett Packard Enterprises, the HPE of this software program.

Here are Emails for easy cut and paste:,, ,,,,,,,