A morning in the life of a volunteer activist... By Maureen Welch

Tuesday Dec 5, 2017 

First meeting: 9 am Adult Protective Services (APS) Task Force at Colorado Department of Human Services at 1575 Grant Street for 9am Adult Protective Task Group Agenda.  

Main link here https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdhs-boards-committees-collaboration/adult-protective-services-task-group

Link to meetings, agendas and proposed rule documents here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1lmUbDRaxKQckZqZV9nZ3JvYTA

They were delaying start as they did not have a phone to set up, for call in. They had voting members call into a cell phone. But no public access until after 10am. The website had the meeting information including webinar, and phone call in posted for public access. 

They went around the room quickly with introductions. Mindy carried around a work cell phone we spoke into. At my introduction I introduced myself, Cardboard James and said I was concerned about the police state APS was creating. They cut me off, but I did ask that all members make table tents with their names, title and county. Mindy Kemp said they could pass around a sign in sheet for me to see. I said that would not help me in knowing who they were when talking.  Mindy said would consider printing up table tents for future meetings. I said they can make with paper and pen right now, nothing fancy needed. Several started to make, and it caught on. Eventually everyone had a table tent. At least know I know who is speaking from what county/agency.

In person: Peg Rogers, APS Manager, Mindy Kemp CDHS, Kathleen, Rose Dora, Sue B Adams Co, Tracy Opp Arapahoe, Cristin Arapahoe Co, Lori Metz Larimer Co, Emilie H Larimer, Whitney Middleton Denver, Terrie Boulder.

On cell phone call in: Candice from Mesa, Delores, Douglas, Otero, Weld, Pueblo ( I couldn’t write names down fast enough) List of members is on the link above for APS.

Mindy also added a public comment period at start of meeting, which was not on the agenda (which leads one to believe it is a public meeting since they had public comment). I passed out my hard copy of newsletter from 12/1/2017 and spoke about the police state and how they were all contributing to a level of fear. I gave examples and said they needed to stop and include affected people like me, and cardboard James. I said it was insulting to make rules without including affected citizens.

Then the rules packets being discussed were not on the CDHS Drive for the meeting today, I asked they be uploaded. And then I asked for hard copies since I could not print at home. Mindy Kemp,  then said to me, “this is not a public meeting, we are not required to do the open meetings rules. But will get you copies”. I was quite shocked at her statement.

During the break Mindy came over to me to give me her card. She reminded me that she wanted to setup two meetings, one with Executive Leadership and second with stakeholder group. I said no, I don’t do private meetings, only will do stakeholder meeting. I suggested she email me some dates and times and I can see if it works for interested folks.

The group continued to review the rules. I left to go to JBC.

JBC- 9-12 noon Sherman Street LBC

Links to 12/5 HCPF and DHS Items http://leg.colorado.gov/content/budget?field_budget_doc_type_target_id=561

Audio Link Look for 12/5 JBC https://leg.colorado.gov/committee/granicus/929571

All the usual suspects were in attendance- Lobbyists and Community Centered Boards Executives and Staff.

They were on to the CDHS services for people with disabilities Briefing. Got hard copy of this packet and the earlier HCPF Office of Community Living Briefing packet. Lots of money, power and jobs.