Follow up letter regarding Joint Tech Committee JXC payment debacle Medicaid

Sent to the Joint Tech Committee members and a few legislator Guests who attended 

Following up from the presentation (on Oct 11th to the Joint Tech committee)

Nothing has changed from what I have heard from the street. Still a whack a mole. 

I referred a friend to our Medicaid GI specialist who is now not accepting new Medicaid patients. He said due to the payment issues.

Seems the state could somehow be responsible if medical care is not available and people suffer or even die all because of a business contract's non performance.

Now the HCPF director has resigned. 

Are we just to sit back and let harm happen? Let good providers stop taking Medicaid patients? Push up ER costs and hospital admissions when one cannot get seen at clinic appointments with specialists?

It's not okay.

California halted their IT system overhaul in 2016 and reverted to old system.

What is Colorado gonna do?

Thanks and I look forward to your thoughts.