Privatization of State Medicaid services - a Kansas experience to learn from.

We must get involved in policy! 
“But Gov. Sam Brownback said all KanCare services had to placed under three contractors to meet the goal of reducing estimated Medicaid costs by $1 billion over the first five years through better coordination of care. The companies — Amerigroup, Sunflower State Health Plan (a subsidiary of Centene) and UnitedHealthcare — get about $3 billion annually in state and federal Medicaid funds and keep whatever they don’t spend on care.”

“But former Rep. Mark Hutton, a conservative Republican from Wichita who is running against Colyer, said the state moved too fast in privatizing Medicaid services. He said the KanCare companies, called managed care organizations, or MCOs, were not ready to serve Kansans with intellectual disabilities, and the state didn’t do enough to hold them accountable.”

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