Rise up!

Until lives of people with disabilities "matter" to the mainstream, and we get our issues to candidate/campaigns from county level, school district, to state and national offices, tragedies like this one in Japan (where 19 were murdered in their sleep at a center for people with disabilities) will continue with little to no media coverage.
This reflects to the Colorado level where the very agencies (CCBS and Co Dept of Health and Environment) who are supposed to investigate abuse and neglect are more interested in protecting the agencies who make money off the services of those with disabilities.
What can you do? Raise injustices you see, in solidarity. Take disability out of a silo and speak up at every opportunity. Yes, you will be told to be nice, to sit down, shut up and be grateful for what you have. But we must be vigilant and that means vocal and visible!
What will you do to contribute? This video is from Rooted in Rights- a great source- worth exploring their video stories...