SB16-038 moves forward as the 2016 Legislative Session comes to a close!

SB16-038 Transparency in CCBs is amended in the House and soon heading back to Senate. 

Thanks you all of you for your continued support and interest in this topic. Thanks to Representatives Sias and Young for getting it through the house with some excellent amendments and to Senator Aguilar for starting the bill way back in January in the Senate! Thanks to the CCBs for agreeing to these requirements.
It is historic that the community of stakeholders (parents, host home providers, advocacy groups) sat down with the CCBs/Alliance to work collaboratively to produce this bill. Although CORA open records provision was removed, the amendments will allow easy website access to financials and direct email access to each board of director (and many more amendments- see links below). These bill components are huge steps forward in transparency to the current status of CCBs and the State Auditor doing audits at least every 5 years lends some historical view of CCBs. 

1. The bill has third reading in the House Friday May 6 and then heads back to the Senate for approval with the House amendments. Session ends Wednesday May 11th at midnight. Things are moving fast with extra evening sessions and next week all rules are suspended to expedite and clear the bills in queue.
2. This is the link to the most current form of the bill
3. Here is a link to a well written article about the amendments
Team Transparency on the Road
So far 7 Board of Director meetings have been visited with public comment.
Attending and commenting is critical to community access for board members,
Please check the calendar as well as your local CCB website for other events. 
CCBs serve the community so getting involved is most welcomed!
We hope to see you at some board meetings on the road!