What can a person do to help the Transparency Movement?

Get on Team Transparency!

1. You can attend meetings, see the calendar on this website. Face to face is key. We can connect you with others in your area. 

2. You can call up your CCB and ask questions. You can ask for direct contacts to their board members (not filtered through the CCB).

3. You can write a guest opinion piece and submit it to media outlets large and small.

4. You can share information with those you know online and in person.

5. You can join folks at the Capitol. We are there the majority of days each week.

6. You can read this website, watch the videos and share on social media.

7. If your loved one gets services from a CCB make sure you know your waiver and benefits and ask questions. Don't assume information from CCB is accurate. If you have concerns, reach out to us and we can double check.

8. If you have a way to raise awareness and accountability, let us know!

Thanks for your interest and remember if CCBs don't want to be transparent, they may want to get out of the government contract business!