Above the fold- Front Page Denver Post Sunday April 3! Agency and CCBs overhead outrageous. Money is not getting to people and providers.

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1. Check out the full article at http://www.denverpost.com/news/local/ci_29713883/overhead-costs-too-high-families-of-disabled-coloradans-say  
Thanks to the brave families and amazing investigative journalist Jennifer Brown for all the work to get this done. It finally recognizes how we are the "cash cows" for the CCBs and why we want choice with Independent Targeted Case Management (now we only have the choice of CCBS) and have choice to hire our own caregivers through consumer directed services.

2. Want to help? Thanks to all of YOU out there making calls, emails and sharing posts, we are now front page news. Few more things:
 Consider making a comment at the Denver Post website, especially countering the systems CCB people in the article. We know there are many people not getting what they need from CCBs. Or if you have a comment as a Taxpayer, that is a great perspective as well. 
Soon will need to contact more legislators, so stay tuned. 

3. If you have a story to share or wish to thank the journalist, contact Jennifer Brown at jbrown@denverpost.com or 303-954-1593

4. Senate Bill 16-38 made it out of Senate State Affairs Committee last week. It moves to Senate Finance committee, due to the possible cost impact to the state. This is not uncommon. We will need emails to those committee people, will send out with the confirmed committee time and date soon. Next stop Senate Finance, then to Senate Floor, then over to House for Committee and then floor. There are also other efforts underway with evaluating the contracts the CCBs have with the State HCPF to see if we can improve,  

5. Are you on a waiting list for CCB services? Or are you not getting what your kid needs for whatever reason? Please contact mpwelchco@gmail.com We are compiling some information to document need. This also helps when we visit your area.

6. Team Transparency is on the road- We are hosting two formats.
   a. Information sessions- meet with families to share accurate information about waivers, waitlists and ways to create choice of services in today's world with creativity, like setting up own PASAs to have control over providers.

   b. Board of Director Meetings- we already added light to two CCBs board of directors meetings in March. Unless we show up and speak up, we are in the shadows. Please check the calendar and if you know of your CCB meeting coming up but don't see it, let me know. Contact Team Transparency through this email, to share issues and connect before the Board of Director Meeting.

Yes, we plan to road trip it to all areas of Colorado! It would be ideal to hear from you all over, and connect in advance, to learn and  support your local issues.We can do the information sessions same day as Board of Director meetings, if that works out.
 See calendar at http://www.peoplefirstcolorado.com/calendar/?view=calendar&month=April-2016

7. Stay in Touch Keep Shining! I try to keep this newsletter to once a week, so it gets a bit long. With short notice of committee hearings or cancellations, sometimes additional emails are unavoidable. You can always check the people first website for What's New  and like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/peoplefirstcolorado/