SB16-038 in House Committee!

Transparency is in the House! SB 16-038 will be up in the Colorado House Health, Insurance and Environment on Tuesday April 26, upon adjournment. This bill mandates that at least every 5 years each Community Centered Board (CCB) shall be audited by the Colorado State Auditor's office.

Please express your support SB16-038 Regarding Transparency in CCBs  to the Committee Chair  Rep Beth McCann 303-866-2959 or the rest of  committee members with contacts, and House calendar links are at 

Team Transparency is on the Road!

1. Forums to share plans for CFCM compliance in Community Centered Boards (CCBs), next week of 4/25
This is not a drill- now is the time to give feedback to the plan from subcontractor Navigant (paid for from the $500K allocation for CFCM in HC15-1318) Colorado is one of the states which is out of compliance with Conflict Free Case Management (CFCM) and must submit a plan.

The plan first goes to the Colorado General Assembly's Joint Budget Committee and then it will be reviewed at the Federal level at the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS). If the plan is not acceptable, CMS can put the state into forcible Corrective Action, as they did in Ohio. Ohio had 4 days to come into full compliance with CFCM. Please read the plan and offer input, webinar is an option as well.Link to the CFCM forum schedule and webinar links for from home participation, is at

2. Attend one or more CCB meetings. Public comment is solicited and welcomed. Feel free to ask clarifying questions as a public attendee. Be assertive if public comment is not clearly offered; leadership among CCBs agreed this was a reasonable expectations as well as having hard copies of agendas and all meeting materials.  See calendar with details at 
Many, in public comment, are covering these points directly with board members:
*Encourage  CCB board of directors to stop paying their lobbyists and drop Alliance membership to utilize those resources for client services. This often can total $75,000 a year or more!
*Share that there is a myth to dispel: CCBs are not so special that they are above Federal Rule about separation to meet Conflict Free Case Management requirements. CMS has not allowed an exception for targeted case management and direct services by the same entity, even if for different people.
*Express dismay that 18/20 CCBs agreed (Denver's RMHS and Col Springs area TRE opted not to participate)  to use valuable monies to hire a fancy DC law firm, Squire, Patton, Boggs to lobby for an extension, to maintain the status quo. Other states have found this counterproductive, and resulted in extra reporting requirements to CMS.
*Encourage the board to reorient focus "back to the basics" of what the CCBs were designed to do in 1963: Targeted Case Management. Drop all other side businesses which offer direct services or serve other populations like veterans and brain injuries. (Many companies that are pushed by case managers are actually related to the CCB, thus the conflict).
*Reduce overhead and maintenance. It is a conflict for CCBs to run run host homes, day programs, vocational programs, and behavioral health services. Encourage locals to open businesses and operate independently. Open the free market for choice and to eliminate conflict. 

*Accept and Embrace the reality of Conflict Free Case Management Compliance. 
*Focus on quality targeted case management and choice of independent case managers.