Participate webinar or in person CFCM Plan draft

Conflict Free Case Management (CFCM) Plan for Implementation

 Now is the time to participate with feedback. The system of targeted case management will change dramatically, and your input is critical. Share your vision of a new environment for case management in the waiver world. This report is in draft form now, and will be finalized and presented to the Colorado State Legislature Join Budget Committee on 7/1/2016. The new federal Rule from Center for Medicaid/Medicare Systems (CMS) states due to Colorado being out of compliance, an implementation plan must be written and submitted for Federal compliance.

This is a serious matter and we all must be involved.

Next week there are a series of forums across the state,  including a webinar Tuesday eve!

Link is here for the information

Inquiries via email at or call 303.866.5560

Please look at the calendar for this and other engagement opportunities like Board of Director Meetings at the CCBs around the state.