One stop for Information, engagement to increase Choice in Colorado HCBS Waivers

One stop for information about impendeing changes in the Colorado Disability system for Intellectual disabilitys/HCBS medicaid waivers. 

Maureen Welch is consolidating information in one place. Contact Maureen with news or feedback.

People first -- before money and systems.  This site promotes the community for sharing of accurate information.  It is often hard, if not impossible, to realize there are ways to create choice and better lives within the intellectual disability systems.  Also there are avenues to participate in changing systems for the better.

Sign up today and share the link for semi-regular updates on issues relating to Colorado's Disability Services and Systems for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Where? Sign up at

Who? Anyone interested in high quality services and systems as well as accountability for government funded disability service programs in Colorado.

Why? Stay up to date on latest information, meetings and community resources

Who is Maureen? A mom who wants to have a centralized "clearinghouse" location for information. She does not receive compensation, nor is she representing any organization. 

Most importantly!  Let's build community with information, truth and justice.

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Knowledge is Power, Connection builds strength and Community builds belonging.

-Maureen, Mom to an exceptional young boy who receives services from the ID/DD system in Colorado and also proud community organizer for light, truth and justice.