What are all these community meetings about?

A person could spend every day attending meetings about issues that affect our community. Please check out the calendar with many meetings coming up-  especially the Community Dialogue sessions on March 24 both am and pm with Shari Repinski, interim CEO at Rocky Mountain Human services. She welcomes feedback good and bad, and ideas for improvement. 

State wide Hosted Meetings- It is very frustrating to see all this money ($650K) going to consultants and mainly "window dressing" person centered trainings which are rewarding private consultants with high value contract awards. Do these trainings to anything to affect culture change? Could the money could have helped more people directly with services? Have you attended any? What did you think? Send me a note! mpwelchco@gmail.com

CFCM Town Halls with Colorado Healthcare Policy and Finance (HCPF) in conjunction with Navigant Consultants are doing Conflict Free Case Management (CFCM) meetings in March. HB15-1318 last year was passed to address both combining all adult HCBS waivers into one "HCBS super waiver" AND to address implementation of CFCM. They approved monies for HCPF to accomplish these tasks.

Navigant was on a  was selected from a Price Agreement list in which vendors apply each year to be on the list.  According to HCPF, Navigant is on the list and was chosen to perform this work and was awarded a contract of up to $150K for CFCM. Their report regarding implementation of a CFCM plan is due to the Legislature's Joint Budget Committee no later than 7/1/2016. More information https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/hcpf/DIDD-conflict-free-case-management

Person Centered Training (PCT) Also connected to HB15-1318, HCPF awarded a contract to SGA/CQL to do these trainings. That contract is for up to $500K, it is driven by attendance with $100 per person attended reimbursement . The Alliance, the political association for all 20 CCBs and 25 direct service providers, got a subcontract to help organize the meeting for $10,000. Check out the trainings at http://www.copct.org/

CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE'S CALENDAR TAB for other ways to spend your time in meetings and give your input. Many meetings with notice (preferably 72 hrs)  will provide an accommodation for remote participation with a call in option, for those unable to come in person due to distance, time of meeting or caregiving duties. Never hurts to ask!