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There continues to be strong optimism and great new Vail Daily article to share! 

We have been gaining traction with several strong backers of our Transparency in CCBs cause. It is clear that there will be bipartisan support and a bill this session. Whether that is SB16-38 or another late bill, should be determined by next week.

SB 16-38 Wed 3/16 1:30 in State Affairs committee SCR 356.
No public testimony but some have asked for the date.

It will either be voted down, or killed or passed and moved to the Senate Floor. 
Either way there will be action this session, either in SB38 or another late bill.

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We will continue to post updates. 

In the meantime, here is a fantastic article.  Claire Noble managed to cover Colorado CCB transparency issue and even get Romney, Trump, Sanders and Clinton in the same article! And references to House of Cards and Frank Underwood!…/vail-daily-column-we-have-a-righ…

Also Denver City Council mill levy
Tuesday March 29th  Safety and Wellness 1:30 pm Room TBD
Will be broadcast and archived via Channel 8, online stream
Health and Safety discussions with Rocky Mountain Human Services
Please attend and give stakeholder input. Interim CEO Shari Repinski
reached out to express interest in hearing from the public.

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If CCBs don't want transparency and accountability,
they should get out of the government contract business