Shameful situations in Colorado.

The Pueblo Regional Center abuse goes largely unpunished. Media links below.
Where is the respect for human dignity for residents at the Regional Centers? The system has structural issues safeguarding individuals with intellectual disabilities across settings. There are two important cases in courts currently in Jefferson County and Boulder County.

  1. Pueblo Regional Center abuse results in only one conviction.  Make sure to watch the embedded video, which has some additional information from the reporter Chris Osher.

  1. Hoping for answers in the Tragic May 2016 Arvada Host Home Fire that killed three. The case recently went to a Grand Jury in Jefferson County.,240209

  1. Boulder County Erie Abuse by Host Home Provider Kelly Benz. The person who got action was a temporary respite worker, not the supposed safeguards in the system. Her pretrial hearing was on December 1, 2016. Her trial is set for February 2017. This case is believed to be the first prosecution in Colorado of a residential provider for abuse and neglect of those with intellectual disabilities.