State Wide Crisis in Residential Care for Coloradans with Intellectual Disabilities

Read the full Federal report here:


Excerpt: The federal report provides new details on the abuse, including that three residents had died, two from bowel obstructions and one who collapsed and was not given life-saving care because a staffer mistakenly thought there was a “do-not-resuscitate” order.

Concerns in the community extend beyond Pueblo Regional Center.

This is the tip of the iceberg and the community is united for justice and long overdue changes to safeguard our loved ones. Regional centers are components of a larger residential system in Colorado which is in need of attention statewide. Thousands of people with intellectual disabilities are in Colorado residential placements,  which are lacking effective and transparent supervision and oversight. 

  1. Erie Host Home provider Kelly Benz has her abuse neglect for her three host home clients, her husband was employed by the CCB Imagine, an agency with oversight responsibilities.
  2. Arvada Host home fire which killed three, one of whom was a client. The home met local code, which varies widely in true life safety. 
  3. Glenwood Springs where an overnight residential provider was sexually assaulting clients.
  4. When an agency investigator, employed at a CCB does try to do the right thing, he was terminated and had to sue.

There are numerous reports, from all over Colorado, about a lack of comprehensive and transparent system for reporting and investigating abuse/ neglect cases for those with intellectual disabilities.  Now is the time for change.