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Taking back education, one child at a time. 

List of articles/ links  for African American Families

1. Summary article in the Atlantic magazine: "Black families have become one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling, with black students making up an estimated 10 percent of the homeschooling population. "


2. National Black Home Educators-Started by two parents, now have 26 cities represented. 

NBHE hosts an annual National Conference that offers inspirational talks, practical how-to workshops, and useful resources for parents.  NBHE is a grassroots organization that functions on the basis of parents volunteering to help other parents.  


3. Black enterprise Magazine Racial disparities and discrimination. But it isn’t unusual for black homeschooling families to also cite a desire to shield their children from racial or other forms of bullying, from teachers’ low expectations, and from failing schools. http://www.blackenterprise.com/more-black-families-are-choosing-to-homeschool/

4. Connect with homeschooling Moms http://www.africanamericanhomeschoolmoms.com/

5.Website lists/suggestions: