Summary: Colorado's 20 Community Centered Boards (CCBs) were created in Colorado statute back in 1963 when families with loved ones needing services joined together by area to pool resources and services. A guaranteed catchment area was defined for targeted case management of individuals with Intellectual/Developmental disabilities. There are no other agencies or individuals outside of CCBs who are by statute able to provide case management for individuals receiving services through a CCB for early intervention or Home and Community Based Medicaid waivers (HCBS waivers). It appears that this guaranteed flow of both clients and government contracts for services have trapped parents and created powerful agencies who have little to no required transparency as private non profit 501c3 statuses, with most running their budgets on 75-95% of government funding. There have been very minimal changes to the statutes since 1985, and currently the Federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS) have found Colorado to be in violation of Conflict Free Case Management (at the CCBs), and warned the state to get a plan soon or risk the 50% match of funding, approximately $20 Million dollars a year. 

On December 17, 2015 the Denver Auditor, who is uniquely elected to office rather than appointed, released an audit report that was scandalous in regards to the county mill levy funds and lack of accounting for its proper use by the Denver CCB, Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS).

Individuals,  families and the wider community for years, really for decades, expressed concerns about misuse of monies intended for their loved ones.  This Denver Audit of RMHS was the rallying cry for "finally someone noticing and substantiating claims". Since the CCBs are private 501c3, they are not subject to open records laws so for years they could refuse requests for budgets and details of expenditures. The local mill levy falls under the auspices of the City and County of Denver so access to those records was required.

On December 31, 2015 over 60 individuals from the community attended a press conference jointly organized by Parents of Adults with Disabilities Colorado and the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition. .United, out of outrage and years of frustration they challenged the Colorado General Assembly to create a law requiring an increase transparency of CCBs state wide. Senator Irene Aguilar drafted a bill, SB16-038.  Since then, over 25 media articles from radio, TV, local and national printed press, have covered the story (see them all with links under the media tab on this website). And it continues, with wide participation across the state, coming to the capitol in person to speak with elected legislators,  and some participating remotely calling, writing letters and signing via the petition

The issue of the vital need to ensure proper use of government funds via transparency continues. Stakeholders have been meeting to envision ways to restore trust and fidelity in the community. To stay informed, check back on the website often, we are adding content daily. And please SUBSCRIBE to the email updates on this website, if you have not already.